Worold of 80mH

JH1DOM is an apartment ham. My shack is located at 27th floor, 80mH. Veranda is facing to the West and South. View is open for 270 degrees.

Picture is taken from veranda toward West.
There is no major disturbing structure around, and I can have complete view of Mt. Fuji(244 degree・87km), Hakone, Tanzawa, Chichibu.
Northward, I can see Akagi(338 degree・96km)、Nikko, Mt. Nanta(356 degree・116km). I can even watch Mt. Kusatsu Shirane(317 degree・138km)on the very clear day.

Southward, I can find Oshima Is.(189 degree・112km), Miura Peninsula, Boso Penisula, if weather is fine enough.

EastSouth-ward, I can clearly see buildings in center of Tokyo. I cannot find Tokyo Tower due to taller buildings in front. Those buildings seems disturibing penetration toward Chiba area for me.

Finally Tokyo Sky Tree can be seen exactly Eastward(102 degree・21km)

eMail; jh1dom@jarl.com 

Operation : 3.5MHz-1200MHz (CW/PHONE/DEGI)
Operation Style : mostly domestic QRV, while trying international QRV periodically

(Biography of JH1DOM)
I was very much interested in ham when I was a child nearly half a century ago. Yet I had no idea about how to be licensed.
Many years had passed since then, and I happened to encounter the place where amateur radio examination was held, on my way to bring my son to playing field at the edge of Tokyo Bay water front. The place inspired me to make it happen.
I restarted to prepare, chasing again my younger day's dream, and passed forth-, third- and second-class test eventually.
Since then I have enjoyed Ham Life with so many frieds who have common interest in radio.
It is obvious that I should have started this wonderful hobby 40+ years ago!
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QSL No. 41 is now isued

Amateur radio station / Nerima-ku Tokyo, Japan
QSL : Buro, eQSL & LoTW
JH1DOM - Amateur Radio Station / Tokyo Nerima
JH1DOM is an amateur radio station at Nerima-ku, Tokyo Japan.
JH1DOM is operating mainly domestically with mobile whip anntena, placed at the corner of the room, 80mH. But JH1DOM is willing to have QSO with international friends.
So contact me when you find my CQ, domestically or internationally.
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JH1DOM is English speaking station.
Please don't hesitate to call me in English when you find my CQ in any band in Japan or internationally.
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